History of Linkosuo

Bakery and café Emmaus is born

The Linkosuo story starts in 1936, when Aarne and Elsa Linkosuo established their own bakery and café. It was located in the same building as Hotelli Emmaus in Tampere, right across from the Tampere railway station. Aarne ran the bakery in a working room in the inner courtyard of the building, while Elsa managed the shop along the busy Rautatienkatu street. The Emmaus bakery mainly made and sold confectioneries.

Aarne had, by then, already made a sizeable career in the leading confectionary bakeries in Helsinki and knew that the only way to success was uncompromised quality and hard work – these qualities have been the backbone of Linkosuo’s success for decades since.


Linkosuo Oy grows and expands

Little by little, the bakery and shop that had started out as a confectionary grew into a supply bakery focussing on the retail of products. In 1956, Linkosuo became a limited company. As operations expanded, new facilities were built in the Kaleva district in Tampere, along the Sammonkatu street. In addition to this, the café started operations already in the 1950s, in connection with the new bakery. Linkosuo’s catering service, coffee machines and restaurant operations saw daylight during the golden era of the 1960s.


Pioneer of the Finnish bakery industry

1968 was one of the milestones in the history of Linkosuo: it saw the establishment of the modern, industrial Mannakorven leipomo bakery which became the pioneer of the Finnish bakery industry. The idea of fresh rye bread pre-cut in half comes from the Mannakorpi bakery and their Tukkipoika bread, which was, in 1972, the first rye bread to be packed like that in Finland. A couple of years later, Eväsleipä, the first snack-sized rye bread in Finland, also sold precut in half, was born.


Towards the international market

Linkosuo entered the international market already halfway through the 1970s with the small and crispy rye product Väinämöinen Rye Buttons, followed by, in accordance with the new strategy, Rye Crisps in 2009 and Rye Chips in 2016, the two of which can be called genuine success stories. Little by little, Linkosuo has become an expert on crispy bread products, focussing more and more on exports.


Linkosuo continues to be a family business

Linkosuo Oy, which operates as the parent company of Linkosuon Leipomo Oy and Linkosuon Kahvila Oy, manages both the overall solutions and creates the large-scale operational strategies of the bakery and café operations. Throughout its history, strong, innovative development work and courage of entrepreneurship have been the key factors in the operations of Linkosuo – and this is as true today as it ever was.